Owning dogs reduces the risk of death from cardiac arrest


A new study revealed that dogs are not only the best friend to humans, but they may be the key to his life for a long life.

Studies have long praised the ability of dogs to help improve mental health by reducing anxiety and loneliness, but there is little information about the ability of dogs to influence the physical health of their owners.

The new Swedish study found that the danger of death of owners of dogs returning to their homes from the hospital. After suffering a stroke or heart attack, it was much less than those patients who live alone.

Researchers from Uppsala University used a national health record to reach a list of about 182.000 patients, aged between 40 and 85 years, who suffered sharp heart attacks between 2001 and 2012.

The results revealed a 33% decrease in the death risk in the patients of heart attack after leaving the hospital, if they possess dogs.

A similar decrease was seen among the apoplexy patients who have dogs. 27% less than those without dogs.

In addition to considering the death risks in the years following a heart attack or stroke, researchers considered the chances of returning to hospital because of the repeat experiment, at least one month after the initial injury. Patients with dogs have recorded a decrease of less than 10% in the probability of repeating the experiment.

The study does not explain the relation between possessing dogs and preventing heart attacks and stroke again, which requires more research.


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