How does the dog see the world around him?

Wonder so much, what about the dog's expressive eyes? What the dog sees when he looks at us or anything around him, despite the old misconception that the dog can see colors, and although human eyes contain three types of cone cells that sense color, the dog contains only two As the dog is blinded in green and red colors, the dog is also less visual acuity than humans, making everything seem blurred in front of it, although it excels in detecting movement and night vision, and may not know how the dog sees things, especially without sense. smelling? But science can at least appreciate this through research.

How does the dog see other dogs?

Since the dog does not see the red color, scientists used to think that the dog uses luminosity more than color as a light indicator, but a study in 2013 objected to this idea and explained that finding the color more advantageous than the brightness of a dog compares two different objects in both. So the fur color in dogs may help identify each other from a distance, along with related signals such as body size and shape. This reddish coat in a Chow Chow dog may seem green to other dogs, but a deviant hue can help them distinguish the dog. Chow Chow from the Swedish dog Lavond on the street at least until they get close enough for proper smelling.

How does a dog see humans?

The dog's contact with other dogs is large enough through folded ears, tucked tail, and other body languages, but the dog is also very keen to recognize and study the human face, and the dog can not only identify the owner's face among a crowd, but research has shown that he can Even be knowing when to smile.

Although the dog has limited visual acuity and color, the dog can detect hidden and strange movement, and a quiet, stable squirrel may merge in the background, but any sudden movement may alert the dog half a mile away, and the dog's retina is crowded with sensitive penis cells. A 1936 study of police dogs found that some types of dogs were able to recognize moving objects from 2,900 feet, but the range of their visibility was reduced to 1,900 feet when the objects themselves were not. Mobility.

How does the dog see food?

Meat can be very good for a human nose, but imagine how it should smell on a dog. From four times what we can hear, the dog can see the meat through its sense of smell and taste since it has one-sixth of the number of taste buds we have.

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