Learn to clean the dog 's ear in simple steps

Why You Should Clean Your Dog's Ear:

Dogs are known to have very long ear canals. They are usually 5-10 centimeters in length, and they also take the ears of a right-angled curve. Many things can get into your dog's ear, but they are difficult to get out of. For example, dogs can get in their ears while swimming, and water collects under the horizontal ear canal. This, of course, increases the risk of infection. Here, ear infections are most likely. Ears after swimming and make this routine get used to it with him.

Dogs with skin allergies are often susceptible to frequent ear infections and will benefit greatly from regular ear cleaning. In their case, it is often recommended to clean their ears. At least monthly.

Any type of dog ear cleaning may be ideal:

There are different types of dog ear cleaning products, but the most important thing in all of this is that you use good quality tools, do not put olive oil or vinegar or shampoo or any other substance in the dog's ear, and also avoid tucking cotton buds in the ear, it is likely to harm eardrum.

Cleaning the dog's ear step by step:

* Warning: If you notice that your dog's ear is too red, itchy, or sore and feels pain, you should see your dog's veterinarian before starting the cleaning process. At this stage, for example, if your dog has an infection that is severe enough to damage the eardrum, some cleaning can damage the ear.

Cleaning your dog's ear can be a bit messy, so you should find somewhere in the house that will be easy to clean. You should avoid wearing the best clothes while cleaning your dog's ear.

1- Give your dog a reward to sit down to begin the process of cleaning his ears.

2. Gently hold the ear flap until it is upright and fill the ear canal with the ear cleaning product, and steer the tube vertically down.

3 - must hold the ear and move your hands down to where the beginning of the ear from the head.

4. You should do a massage at the base of the ear, which aims to use the ear cleaner inside the ear canal, and if you do it correctly, the dog will make some noise.

5. After you have massaged the ear for 20 seconds, you can now stand back and give up the ear.

6. Your dog must now shake his head vigorously.

7 - You can bring some cotton and wool and use them to eliminate soiled folds at the beginning of the ear canal until it looks beautiful and clean.

8. When you're done, give your dog a reward and repeat the process with the other ear.

The right key to cleaning your dog's ear is to use a large amount of ear cleaning products. This is because the ear canals are very long, and the wiping step must be deep to remove the dirt that is lining the ear canal, and shaking the dog to his head will help you.

Remember, if you see too much redness in your dog's ear, a particularly unpleasant smell, or you feel something is painful, you should consult your doctor.

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