What is the method of training dogs on the bathroom?

Dogs are loyal and friendly animals, which give the house a sense of humor, and spend unforgettable times accompanied by your favorite dog who will turn over time as a member of the family and when you bring a new dog to the house you face some challenges, the most important knowledge of how to train dogs in the bathroom, At first it is the task of the puppy mother to keep the area clean without any residue, until they reach the age that allows them to follow it themselves, and this is part of the way to train dogs in the bathroom early. And you can start the method of training dogs on the pigeons at the age of not more than two months, before everything must be organized, patient, and always choose the positive reinforcements about the use of negatives so that you can train dogs on the pigeons, and in this topic Here is how to train dogs on the bathroom and tips That enables you to train dogs in the bathroom in just seven days.

How to train a dog on a pigeon: Prepare ahead of time:

The new dog at home needs about a full week of training to be internally consistent with the new place and new people, so you or someone dedicated to dog training should be close to him at all times, and you must determine the area where the dog is taken to do his job. If you live in an apartment, you must identify an area such as tiles. If you make a mistake, use cleaning products to remove any traces of it. Go back to this place, assign a place to it, as part of the AD N room in the house or cage to stay always and be his own place or small house.

Method of training dogs on the dog: continuous monitoring:

The new dog must be constantly monitored and kept in a specific, safe area. You can take a rope to be able to monitor behavior at all times while you are at home, and move from room to room.

Dog Training Method: Bath Time:
Set the alarm every hour on the first day since the dog wakes up. Take it to the place where you need it. Give it a specific signal and words like "go to the bathroom." Give him praise when the results are produced. Give him the time of 5:30 minutes after eating or drinking a large amount of water to be able to get out. Take him out in the morning as soon as he wakes up to avoid accidents.

How to train dogs on the bathroom: see signs:

By the end of the first 24 hours, you will have a good idea of ​​when the dog needs to be spent. Some dogs give some clues that they want to get rid of their burdens, such as leaving the room or standing in a corner. Please be patient with your dog and don't get angry when it just happens Deh to his place quietly.

How to train a dog on a pigeon: what to do when an accident occurs?

Accidents will definitely happen. All you have to do is train the dogs in the bathroom mentally. But when the incident does not shout at him, never put his nose in it, because you only teach him the fear of you and it will be reflected in the negative, if the incident really does not correct his behavior in this way, because he couldn't go back in time to not do this, if you see the dog start squatting, all you have to do is say no and he should be forced to stop and rush him to his designated place. Reduce unpleasant odors, more importantly, it is to praise him when he goes to his right place to promote his good behavior.

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