How to keep dogs healthy at high temperatures

Summer is a fun time for both humans and dogs alike. Many dogs (as well as normal people) love to play outdoors despite the high temperature and intensity, and some houses do not have air conditioning, in which case alternative cooling methods should be used. Even if your dog doesn't want to stay home with an air conditioner, don't worry. If you don't have air conditioning, there are still plenty of ways to keep your dog cool as temperatures rise. You should remember that dogs can't cool themselves by sweating Like humans, instead, we find the main way of the dog p The cooling itself is that gasping for air, but unfortunately, panting alone is not enough when the weather is very hot and humid.

Making sure your dog's safety during the summer is no joke, it's all up to you to make sure your dog is cool and relaxed, and these are some ways to help your dog be quiet in the summer heat.

1. Fresh and cold water:

It is important to keep your dog's water clean, fresh and cool and most importantly available to your dog at all times, especially in hot weather. Here's the most important part: make sure to keep the water dish in a shady place and change the water frequently to keep the water constantly fresh outdoors, in addition to cold water and fresh and freshwater, you can also try feeding the dog some chilled foods that he loves.

2. Sun protection:

It may be good that your dog has a little sunbathing, but it will eventually need to become cool. A shady spot should be provided to relax your dog. Prolonged exposure to the sun not only leads to heat exhaustion, but it can also It can cause serious burns because of the sun. Yes, dogs can get sunburn too. Although there are sunscreens available for dogs, the best thing is to provide the dog with adequate shelter. Trees will still be very nice, but not perfect, too. Is to build an actual structure that will be the best, you should consider Get a secluded dog house, but make sure it is large and well-ventilated, or you can alternatively make an outdoor tent or work as a canopy, and it would be good to add a fan to help other things cool, if possible.

3. Give the dog baths for cooling:

If your dog loves water, if you can try a large tub or swimming pool, you should choose the large swimming pools and choose their own yard. Many dogs enjoy playing and lounging in cold water, but you just make sure to supervise your dog in All the time, you should also keep this pool in a shady place and change the water frequently. It is also important not to leave the tub full of water when not in use. You can also try spraying. Most dogs prefer spray pools.

4. Cooling Dog Bed:

As I mentioned before, your dog needs a cool, shady place to relax, but you completely ignore the dog's bed. Although it is gentle and soft, it can also be very warm, which is why many dogs prefer to lie on tiles or concrete floors. Solving this problem by buying a dog bed that has a cooling feature, this bed will provide a lot of comfort and softness for your dog, this bed is characterized by the cold that your dog loves, and to cool the dog bed often also uses a gel or you can simply use water to keep a cool feeling And comfortable, this is, of course, a tremendous alternative to Hardwood floors especially for older dogs.

5. Other cooling tools for hot dogs:

There are many other products that also aim to calm your dog. These tools depend entirely on how well your dog accepts them. If you decide to try one of these products, you just have to remember that nothing can replace freshwater and a shaded place. That withstands long periods without much of both.


Remember that dogs can cool themselves in the first place by panting, so all you can do is to provide a suitable climate for the dog by the cooler air is the best way to prevent and mitigate the temperature rise, even if the dog refuses to do so must be forced to sit in a cold area and must Also contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any signs of heatstroke.

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