Dogs obedience training

Most dog owners believe that obedience training dogs are essential to building a healthy relationship between the dog and its owner, but what exactly is obedience dog training? And why training dogs to obey is so important to the dog and its owner? What is dog obedience training? This is what you'll learn in this article.

Dog Obedience Training is a general term that you can use in many dog training techniques such as dog whisper, dog ways, dog reward, collar, etc. The following is what ultimately obedience training dogs achieve:

1 - Build a healthy relationship between the dog and its owner

2 - Build communication between the dog and its owner. This includes what the dog owner expects from his dog and the dog itself understands what the owner expects from him and respects it.

3 - Obedience training lays the foundations of the rules and limits of the dog to become a responsible member of society in all circumstances, such as his relationship with other dogs and other animals and people strangers and basic ethics that the dog must deal with in all situations and circumstances.

4. Dog obedience training establishes a platform that helps prevent the development of any undesirable loot from the dog such as jumping, barking, chewing, digging, and other annoying behaviors and puts the dog and its owner at risk.

Benefits of Obedience Dog Training:

Obedience training is the best thing you can teach your dog to have a good relationship with your dog and listen to it for the following reasons:

1 - Training dogs on basic obedience makes life easier for your dog and away from confusion and knows his place in the world and understands right from wrong, and it seems that dogs really appreciate seeing the world in black and white.

2 - fun and reward for you and your dog, this summary of training dogs to obey.

3. Dog obedience training will make you have a happy, quiet and confident dog.

4. A dog or puppy trained to obey means you have a safe dog. If your dog comes out of the house, you will have the ability to control it with your voice and summon him to come and order him to sit.

5. Obedience training gives you confidence and mutual respect between you and your dog. He understands what you expect from him and knows you will be fair with him.

6. When you train dogs to obey you can rest assured that your dog is near your family, children, and friends under your supervision.

7. Dog obedience training meets some of your dog's essential needs such as exercise, mental stimulation and spending time with you as well as having a job to do.

8. Dog Obedience Training Your dog learns step by step over time, creating a solid foundation for your dog to learn more skills and commands.

Dangers of not training dogs to obey:

1. It is regrettable that the lack of obedience training for dogs is the main reason for the imprisonment of dogs in dog shelters around the world.

2 - Not to train dogs to obey means that your dog does not trust his presence near you and your family, which means that he will not walk with your family and will stay alone in his home most of the time, which makes him gain a lot of improper behavior Vigzk you and your neighbors as well.

3 - Not to train dogs to obey will make your dog unsafe and being near other animals and people strangers about it.

4 - Most dogs untrained to obey the authority of the owner and even tested, and you can avoid stubborn dog by teaching him a few basic exercises to obey.

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