How to provide a safe place for kennel?

I always remember the proverb that "you will never get a second chance to make a first impression". This proverb is absolutely true and also applies to dogs. Whatever you try to make him happy will not change the idea he got from the first encounter. An animal, he understands, respects, and does not love his owner.

If you intend to bring a dog to the house, you must first provide a safe environment for him. There is no place like home. As you find your refuge and pleasure in your humble home, he also finds his home and loves him very much and wants to find him safe and comfortable. You should follow some steps to provide a safe and comfortable home. For your dog:

1. Start a routine:

Most large dogs begin to feel comfortable in their new homes after about a month, and you can do some things to help him understand that your house is his new home and that he is a loved new member of your family, but you will need to establish a routine to help you lead the reins, here are some exercises to try to do that:

- Bring a collar attached to your belt every night for an hour, and move around your home and work your daily activities while he is with you in the collar that you govern well with your hand, the goal of this exercise is to teach your dog to pay attention where you are, and know how important what you do from Tasks .

- You should start teaching him to sit whenever you want. He should learn to sit. It is a very good habit, and when he does that you should praise him because he acted as you wish and remember that the good things your dog learns come from you first.

- You must make your dog used to not share your meals if you do not blame only yourself because it will not let you enjoy your meal and will continue to plead to you whenever you put your food.

- You must get the dog bed appropriate and comfortable, or you can buy a cage sleeps inside, and let him sleep in your room to feel safe and that near you, your bed is a safety factor in his world.

Always remember that the key to helping a new dog is to adapt it to your home and be patient with him. These tips can help you quickly adapt to your new home:

* Collect tools for your dog:

Prepare stuff for your dog that you will need in advance, you have to get the collar that suits him, the food bowl and the right water, bring the food that suits his age and needs and, of course, bring some toys.

* Create rules for the house in advance:

The dog must understand from the first moment at home, that you are the leader here and that he must comply with your orders, you must work to establish a new system and rules for the dog and for all family members as well, so that the dog knows its limits and do not exceed it, dogs always need to arrange and treatment Especially, when you catch a dog doing something it shouldn't do, don't lose your temper, stay calm, let him know his mistake, loudly and objectively, and let him know that he has misbehaved. When he does everything you ask him, reward him when he does well.

* You should be ready to train your dog:

A little extra effort will pay off for you and your dog faster, but to ensure that you train your dog almost every day, be consistent and maintain routine in order to achieve your training goals.

* Make sure your dog is healthy:

Before bringing your dog into your home, you should take it to your veterinarian, in order to get a medical check-up and any necessary vaccinations.

* Give your dog its own crate:

The cage may sound like a prison cell, but for your dog, it is something different. He considers it his own room and loves it instinctively, and the benefits of this cage are many. It helps you in the process of training the dog, Vedra to obey and you can put it inside when you do the behavior you do not like.

Be patient and enjoy the results:

Finally, you should be reasonable in your expectations, life with the new companion may be a very different experience, so you must give him some time to adapt, and soon you will find that you have chosen a friend of life, it may fill your life with enthusiasm and will provide you with a lot of unconditional love and loyalty so Be patient.

But the perplexing question will always remain. Will everyone stays indoors or out?

Most dogs thrive in the indoor environment, and there are other types that tend to stay out of the house but it will be stressful for your dog to be separated from you for long periods, but sometimes the dog does not want to live in his home, if this is the case with your dog, make sure His outdoor house consists of a dry and comfortable structure, and must be shaded away from the sun, and also protected from wind.

If the weather is cold, it will be uncomfortable for dogs, just as for humans. The ideal situation for your dog is outdoors to provide him with a hotbed. If you can't do that, consider bringing the dog inside the house during the cold. As for hot weather, things are quite different and can be very dangerous for your dog. You should save plenty of water on hot days, and consider providing a plastic swimming pool for children to cool it down from the heat.

If you choose to be indoors, you will find that indoor dogs will not have the same problem facing extreme temperatures as outdoor dogs, but they still have certain needs, but learn to always set limits for the dog. Physical barriers like fences can help you a lot to Enforce borders.

2. Watch out for environmental risks:

Dogs are known to have a tremendous amount of natural energy and curiosity and love to discover the world around them. This part makes it more fun and fun but on the other hand it can cause harm to the dog itself, and whether your dog lives inside or outside the house, it It is likely that there are common environmental risks that could threaten his health, or even his life, should be alert to any potential risks such as:

- Placing potentially poisonous plants out of the reach of dogs or you can replace them with non-toxic plants. Examples of such poisonous plants are Calla Hg, Azalea and Philodendron.

Human medicines are a risk to your dog's life. Some common medicines can be very dangerous for dogs, and some dogs can also be very creative when it comes to opening a bottle of medicine, so be sure to keep all medicines out of reach. That's any dog ​​accessories.

- Do not let sinks, bathtubs, or toilets open their lid, it can be dangerous for the dog from drowning, as you should avoid putting toilet cleaners within the reach of the dog it is possible to drink it from the toilet.

- Electric wires can also pose a great danger to your dog. Often the dog chews them during play, which may cause the dog burns in the mouth, the electric shock resulting from these wires can cause the dog death by electrocution, you must connect electrical wires Baggy and keep them out of sight.

- Wiring fabrics and curtains can cause suffocation if the dog tied the ropes around him wrongly, and also swallowing clothes may cause serious intestinal obstruction, should keep socks, nylon clothing, underwear, and other clothing away from him.

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