What is the risk of eating dogs chocolate?

Dogs are known for their love to eat, and you will not find a dog owner who refuses to feed his own dog when he begs on his feet when he wants to eat dinner, it is difficult to reject the eyes of a shiny puppy when you know exactly what he wants, and if you have heard that chocolate is not good, Do you know why dogs eat chocolate?

Chocolate is usually a smooth and tasty treat made from the fruit of a cocoa tree and goes through a long process that turns it into a delicious treat. There are two types of substances found in chocolate that are important to discuss when it comes to its effect on dogs: caffeine and theobromine. Of alkaline substances, theobromine is an ingredient found in chocolate which is responsible for toxicity in some animals.

As for the human body, the metabolism of theobromine found in chocolate can be easily metabolized. Dogs cannot metabolize this substance and remain in their system for up to 20 hours. If your dog eats a large amount of chocolate, he can die.

The question comes whether chocolate is really dangerous or not, and to answer this question must go deeper to know chocolate and the impact on dogs, and in fact, there are two factors that play their role when deciphering chocolate for dogs, which can swallow without risking his life and the first of these Factors:

Chocolate Type:

The first of these factors that help to make chocolate more toxic to dogs is the type of chocolate, there are different types of chocolate and different amounts of cocoa and chocolate with more cocoa contains more than theobromine. In general, the color of chocolate gives you a general idea about the amount of cocoa in chocolate, we find that there is more cocoa in dark chocolate, but white chocolate has a little theobromine because it is made only from cocoa butter, milk, and sugar, and we find that milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate Unsweetened, dry cocoa powder contains large amounts of cocoa and theobromine.

Dog Size:

The size of the dog plays an important role as it is the second factor determining the proportion of toxicity, on average, the toxic dose of theobromine between 100-200 mg, and there are problems reported in doses much lower, has caused low doses of up to 20 mg in cases Health for small dogs. White chocolate is safe for dogs, which does not mean that you can feed it to the dog, there is a lot of sugar and caffeine that will make the dog very nervous, but chocolate milk is toxic if the dog consumed more than one ounce per pound of Bodyweight, different from dark chocolate, will become toxic from one ounce to three pounds of body weight.

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