Common Health Problems in Senior Dogs

Health issues for a large dog are things you should be familiar with as a dog owner. Dogs tend to develop some health problems as they age. These problems can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for your dog and affect his health badly. Therefore, it is your responsibility to develop a preventive plan to avoid such problems. As she ages, many changes occur in her body. Here are some of the most common health problems for older dogs:

• visual impairment and hearing capabilities
• Their joints become weak and tend to develop related joint problems
• weakens the immune system and becomes susceptible to bacterial and viral infections
• Weakening vital organs such as kidneys and liver

Addressing the health problems of a large dog can be a difficult task. When your dog grows up, he or she may not be able to respond positively to prescribed medications. You may not be able to recover quickly from the disease, you may not be able to withstand the side effects of traditional medical treatments. You should try to prevent such health problems as much as possible. Let me tell you how you can do this. Diet plays an important role in the health of senior dogs. You should feed your dog a nutritious diet. Consider buying high-quality food prepared for older dogs. These types of foods contain more fiber, to help avoid age-related problems such as constipation.

Freshwater helps avoid urinary tract problems. Even adding one extra walk a day, even for a short distance, can help encourage urination, the natural way to remove the urinary tract. Make sure your dog has enough physical exercise. Take her on a picnic, play with her, ask her to bring the newspaper, and do anything to keep him active for a while. Regular physical exercise can strengthen your dog's limbs, improve his overall health, and increase the metabolic rate.

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