10 things that harm dogs inside the house

Beware a lot as keeping your dog safe from themselves is part of your responsibility being the owner of this dog. Despite years of rigorous training, some dogs can take the substances that cause them harm and when that happens go to the vet immediately.

It will give you a good overview of the types of things you have and can be toxic to dogs:

1- Human food:

Most dogs are experts at implanting their nose at the dinner table and begging to get your leftovers actually from time to time will not harm your dog, but there are certain foods that should never be given under any circumstances to the dog such as:

- Chocolate contains a chemical known as theobromine highly toxic to dogs, can not be divided or digested and can cause intestinal problems and convulsions to death and is calculated toxic dose according to the weight of the dog.
- Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. Other dangerous foods are onions, avocados, tomatoes, and raw eggs.

If your dog eats these foods, please contact your veterinarian for steps. If you have family or friends coming to your home, tell them not to feed your dog.

2- Cleaning Products:

There are chemicals that have a sweet smell such as window cleaning materials, furniture paint, bathroom hygiene and certain types of chlorine that the dog finds tasty and will eat up any spilled chemicals or those that are sprayed on the surfaces at hand. Always wipe off any excess chemicals from your surfaces immediately and allow the wet area to dry before letting your dog return to the room again, as all chemicals should be stored out of reach of your dog in a high wardrobe for example. If the dog has swallowed, contact the hospital or veterinarian with the name of the product and the time the dog has taken it for proper veterinary care.

3- Household Plants:

Certain types of plants such as daffodils, incense, amaryllis, yew, and chrysanthemum. It can be extremely toxic if your dog swallowed or chewed them can cause deadly poisoning in a short period of time. If this happens, always seek medical help immediately if you think your dog has eaten any of these plants.

4-Insects and rodents:

Rats, mice, and cockroaches put them in a trap or bait, and they have attractive food that is poisonous but watches out because this trap is not only for rodents but also for your hungry dog.

These grafts work to prevent vitamin K, which causes internal bleeding for anyone who will swallow these baits, whether rodents or dogs, the same mechanism applies to both, and because dogs larger than rodents take longer with them to bleed, usually within 3-5 days.

If you have a rodent problem and feel that the only solution is to place the food, please put it in a location where the dog is not accessible and once a day is enough to check well that the bait is still there, if you feel that the taste disappeared and that your dog is eating, you should contact immediately Your veterinarian to know what to do immediately.

5- Medicines:

Both human and animal medicines can be dangerous to your dog. Some medicines may have sugar coating on the outside of them, such as pills, which make them look like sweets. Pills and other medicines should always be stored safely out of reach of animals in general or careful when throwing medicines in the litter if your dog has a habit of stealing food from there.

6- Fertilizers:

Fertilizers available in your garden often contain insects and poisonous pesticides, these pesticides may cause skin irritation or damage to their eyes and sinuses. This is a reason to pretend not to let your dogs go out in the garden because the smell of pesticides attracts them.

7. Coins:

If your dog has a habit of swallowing small objects, heavy metals such as coins should never leave him unattended. Because most coins are made of zinc and lead, which can destroy red blood cells and lead to anemia when swallowed, you may have to undergo surgery to remove the dog.

8- Electrical cables:

You should buy a tape for all electrical cables in order for your dog to live safely at home, or you can also buy an unpleasant tasting spray that will deter dogs from chewing cables. Take extra caution when you go out. Cause fire or shock your dog.

9. Chemicals:

Chemicals that have an unpleasant smell to you are like honey to dogs have a sweet taste for them but cause death within a short period, within a few days renal failure occurs, the toxic element in which ethylene glycol and many other chemicals pose risks such as paint, paint diluents, and solvents.


10. Garbage:

Dogs never know the difference between fresh food and trash can both are appetizing. The dogs often devour anything that includes small pieces of broken glass, sharp bones and other things that cause them harm.

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